About ConZept DeZigns

Originally began in 2004 by Curt “Highlander” Campbell, ConZept DeZigns adheres to several of the same traditional techniques that have been used in whip making for over one hundred years. We have chosen to honor this tradition in our whips to create a product that will complement any whip enthusiasts collection. Our goal is creating quality whips that will withstand rigorous use, in environments that may be inhospitable to our leather compatriots.

ConZept DeZigns whips feature some distinctive attributes which make them a great choice for everyday use. Our whips have been field tested in nearly every condition over the past five years with little wear evident. In using today’s materials, our non-leather whips are able to be used confidently on grass, concrete, asphalt, gravel, snow, sand, and even water. Most non-leather whips that are constructed of nylon or Para cord will not usually withstand this type of use for more than a year.
Utilizing traditional hand-plaiting methods and our unique Mark V cores, our hybrids have achieved the perfect combination of weight, balance, taper, accuracy and durability. Experienced whip makers often divulge that it’s the combination of these elements that bring forth the artistry and mastery of their craft. We invite you to witness this for yourselves in our work.

Always a work in progress, Highlander is constantly thinking of new ways to improve existing products and create new ones. In 2014, two new lines of product were added: Kinetic Canes and Thuddy Buddies. Instruments of percussion in nature, these new additions have proven themselves time and time again and are now permanent fixtures in the ConZept DeZigns family of products.